During the dreary winter months of 2005 I was in my basement tired of being unable to get outside and sick of video games. I eventually picked up a mini baseball bat and a koosh ball. I spent the next few hours tossing the ball up in the air and trying to hit it across the room. Little did I know, this little invention would one day turn into a global phenomenon (not really). What ensued was an entire game, set of rules, and professional league. The National Mini Baseball Association was born. We played three full seasons through my high school years, and although the league was limited to only three of four participants, the competition was fierce. I can’t describe to you how much fun we had, how many petty arguments we started, or how many koosh balls imploded behind the forceful swing of our bats. You’ll just have to take a look for yourself. As the reputation for the league spread around town, we built a website and established an amateur YouTube presence (I was in high school, cut me some slack ok?). This was my first real exposure to video production, website creation, sports commentating, league commissioning, and being a professional athlete (or about as close as I’ll ever get to one). Enjoy. These memories still make me smile.

UPDATE: Unfortunately our free website hosting service has gone Premium. Oh no! Bear with us while we work on getting the NMBA’s website back up and running. Thanks!

nmba 2
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