During the 2015 NFL football season my brother and I journeyed into the world of podcasting. We co-hosted and co-produced the H&L Show, a weekly podcast chronicling the events of our family’s fantasy football league. We assumed the false identities of Herbert Schofield (my brother) and Ralph Lauren (me). Most of the show contained inside jokes for family members or week-to-week storylines that we created, but at the end of it all, the podcast was pretty well received. In fact, by the end of the season we had dozens of people outside of our league tuning in on Tuesday mornings for all the latest happenings in the Foster Family Fantasy Football League. We even graced the front-page of the “new and noteworthy” podcast section in iTunes a few times! Even though it was just for fun, the podcast served as a big learning experience for the both of us.  You can listen to our episodes here or download them for free in the iTunes or Stitcher Radio stores.


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