How do we Reconcile?

I’ve been thinking a lot about reconciliation recently. About what it actually means to be truly and fully reconciled with someone. Someone who has wronged you or made you feel inferior in some way. Someone who you hold resentment towards.

Playing the Victim

I’ve noticed something about my personality recently and it’s this: I tend to play the role of victim quite a bit. It sounds strange, but I think most of us do this more than we care to admit. Both as

Writing is hard. But worth it.

I’m on a flight right now. Boston to Denver, Colorado. Family vacation…you know the deal. I’m realizing now that I made a promise a few months back. A promise to myself to get in here and write at least once


Dear graduating seniors, First off, congratulations. Four years have come to an end and you’re onto the next chapter in your journey. This is an exciting time for you. The future is unknown. The last 20 some odd years of

Changing the heart

I don’t particularly love the gym. Part of that is because I like being the best at things, and when it comes to the gym, I’m definitely not the best. The other part of my disdain is that I typically