My next great adventure

Tomorrow I finish my college career. It’s sort of a weird feeling.  People used to tell me that time moves faster as you get older. I’ve never really known what that’s meant, but I think I’m starting to understand.

In many ways I’m not the same person I was four years ago. Heck, I’m not even the same person I was one year ago. I love who I was, but I don’t miss him. He stuck to himself, cared little for others, and preferred Friday nights at home. He was timid. Still, I love him because he knew there was something more, and that curiousity unleashed this change. All that said, the new Brett has a long way to go. He has dozens of character flaws, insecurities, and scars. College is a time of change. Some good, some bad, others unknown. God knows that’s been true in my life over these past four years. Transformed ideologies, new friendships, lost love, and reformed theology; all of these things add up to create the man I am today. Not perfect, but still striving. I feel as though as we age, God has called us to grow, to become nobler, and to adapt better methods of life. In some ways I’ve done that. In others I continue to pursue that vision.

I’ve been reading a lot of Donald Miller recently. Many would call him a “Christian writer,” but I prefer the label “storyteller.” In many ways, Miller’s words are what have challenged me and pushed me toward this trip over the past several months. He encourages his readers to live better stories, take bigger risks, and live bolder lives. This trip is an attempt at just that, because, in the end, life is seldom about the money or opportunities. Rather, more often than not, what we remember are the relationships and experiences we cultivate. We remember the stories. My hope is that taking this trip and seeking to live a better story for myself will compel me toward creating a better story for others. I pray that I may one day create an environment where others may be given the same opportunities I have.

And so we’ll drive. Call it a road trip, call it a vacation, call it whatever you want. For me, this trip is an inciting incident. For me, this is the beginning of a life-long journey. A pilgrimage of sorts. Feel free to join along with us here and elsewhere on the interwebs. I hope our stories inspire you to live better ones too.

Rough Itinerary:

May 17th – Buchanan, VA

May 18th – Nashville, TN

May 19th – New Orleans, LA

May 20th – Austin, TX

May 21st – Roswell, NM

May 22nd – Albuquerque, NM

May 23rd – Monument Creek Campground, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

May 24th – Las Vegas, NV

May 25th – Walnut Creek, CA

May 26th – San Francisco, CA

May 27th – Yosemite National Park, CA

May 28th – Las Vegas, NV

May 29th – Arches National Park, UT

May 30th – Steamboat Springs, CO

May 31st – Denver, CO

June 1st – Kansas City, MS

June 2nd – Louisville, KY

June 3rd – Niagara Falls, NY

June 4th – HOME

 onto the open road,




  1. holly

    This is awesome Brett. Never knew you were such a great writer. Looking forward to your next post. Keep on having fun. yayyyyyyy

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