Monday Mixes // 01 & 02

Throughout 2017, I’m going to try releasing some “Monday Mix” playists of 5 songs I’m currently listening to. Its an easy way to give me something to write about. I can’t promise that every song will have an in-depth analysis like some of these below, but I’m still looking forward to compiling these even just for listening pleasure. Since I didn’t publish one last week, here are two mixes for you!


1.) Path in the Weeds – Tyson Motsenbocker

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but its really resonated with me lately. I’ve had the live acoustic version (here) on constant replay for the past couple weeks. Toward the end of the song Tyson sings: “I had a breakdown in Calgary and couple weeks earlier in Los Angeles. What were you doing when I was on my knees!? I’m not so certain but I think I believe you were carefully watching to help me see.” Its a fresh and honest perspective that sometimes the most daunting and challenging of circumstances don’t make sense until we’re able to sit down months or years later and reflect through song or thought or conversation.

2.) This Beautiful Life – Colony House

Colony House always seems to subtely and yet beautifully hint at the larger truths of life. This song explicitly asks the question of what our purpose is here but also speaks to the yearning of our hearts to find a place where we belong and where we’re accepted despite our failures.

3.) Fighting a Ghost – Matt Hires

I like to think I’m a pretty driven person. The flip side of that however, is I can easily get burnt out. Matt sings about his struggle to break into the music industry and prays for the strength to keep going in spite of the odds and the sensation that all he’s doing is “swinging at smoke.”

4.) Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall – Coldplay

Coldplay always hits home for me for some reason. I know they’ve been blasted by just about everyone for their supposed lack of lyrical depth, but somehow I’m still able to pull tons of meaning from their music. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall is a great example. Its a beautiful testament in my mind, that no tear falls without meaning or significance. And yet, in spite of the tremendous pain there’s always hope worth holding onto: “Maybe I’m in the black, maybe I’m on my knees. Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapezes. But my heart is beating and my pulses start Cathedrals in my heart.”

5.) Talk Me Out – Molly Jenson (ft. Greg Laswell)




1.) Balladino – Atlas Genius
2.) Wild World – Drew Holcomb

This song feels particularly fitting for the polarizing times we’re living in. I use it as a reminder. Take a step back, listen, give, and most of all, love.

3.) Where I Belong – Switchfoot

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with this song ever since I saw Jon Foreman perform it live a few summers back. The picture is beautiful: we’re all refugees and outcasts looking for a place where we truly belong. And when we reach the other side of this journey we should look up and know we lived it like a song: passionately and yet constantly aware of life’s transience.

4.) Hurricane (Johnie’s Theme) – Lord Huron
5.) The Heart of Life – John Mayer

I love what this song says about life – its harsh, but deep inside its core, its not evil. It won’t always go as expected, but ultimately, that’s part of the beauty of it all.


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