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I’ve always loved to write. Actually, you know what, that’s a complete lie. I should rephrase. I’ve recently found that I have a love for writing. For a long time I thought writing was just a chore. It was something I did for book reports or research papers. Recently however, I’ve discovered that writing is one of the greatest tools we have for unearthing new ideas. I’m serious. Often I come to a blank page or white computer screen and have no idea what I’m doing there. An hour (or few weeks) later, I’ve found something I didn’t even know was inside me. A concept, an idea, an opinion, a well-developed thought…things I didn’t even know existed within this deep abyss of experiences and lessons we call life. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It doesn’t always come naturally. It takes hard work. It takes chipping away at the stone to find the hidden art underneath it all. That process can be a rollercoaster of emotion. I often find myself filled with hope and excited for what is to come. And yet, other times when I articulate thoughts with words I find myself extremely discouraged. Sometimes even depressed. But at the end of it all, the process is always worth it. Being able to look back on thoughts as they are being formed…it’s invaluable.

I fear that sometimes in our lives, we let time pass without ever really considering how we’ve changed. The great thing about writing is we can start a journal or create a blog and always look back on it. We can reflect on our thoughts and ideas from two years, six months, or even three weeks ago. And the ability to do that is invaluable. Because in doing so, we can more clearly see how we’ve grown, what we’ve learned over time, and what life experiences have been the most influential.

When I created this place back in 2014, it really started out as a portfolio of sorts. From there it became a travel blog about my journey across the country. And nowadays? Now it’s a catalogue of thoughts. Both my own and those of whom I respect the most in this world. You can still see some of the projects I’ve been working on recently and take a look at my resume if you want, but more than anything, I hope you find the writings and ideas on this website helpful. Refreshing even. I hope you realize there are alternate ways of viewing life. “The rat race” isn’t the way life has to be. Even better, it isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. I hope you’re challenged, encouraged, and inspired. Because sometimes all it takes is hearing someone else’s story to realize the beauty and potential within your own.

Thanks for coming by.

-Brett C. Johnson