Peaks and Valleys

Running a business is hard. I can’t say for sure (I’ve only ever helped run a small business), but I don’t think it matters on the size of the operation. Regardless of the scale, each comes with its unique set

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Who’s your hero?

A few years ago I was interviewing for a job and was caught a little off guard by the interviewer’s question. At this point we’d been on the video call for 10 or 15 minutes and had already gone through

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Monday Mixes // 05

05 1.) Twenty-four – Switchfoot Seemed fitting…I turned 24 yesterday. Somehow relatable. 2.) I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers 3.) It Comes Back To You – Imagine Dragons 4.) Berlin – Bear’s Den 5.) Book Club – Arkells

2017: Just Keep Posting

The motto for 2017 – Just Keep Posting. Just as long as I’ve been writing these silly posts I’ve been worrying about how they’re perceived. Do my thoughts sound eloquent? Do my arguments make sense? Am I just a 20

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Monday Mixes // 04

04 1.) Creep – Dustin Kensrue 2.) Wonderful Unknown – Ingrid Michaelson (feat. Greg Laswell) 3.) When They Fight, They Fight 4.) The Face – Kings of Leon 5.) Lover Come Back – City and Colour